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CPD Accreditation of AET Training Programmes – Options Appraisal and Proposals

The Autism Education Trust provides a range of high quality CPD programmes for practitioners and leaders in the early years, school and post 16 education environments. We wish to have the quality of the programme externally validated and add enhanced value to those who undertake the training through appropriate CPD accreditation.

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To research the available options for CPD accreditation and make proposals taking into account the AET programme model, structural requirements, cost and overall value added.

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The Autism Education Trust
The Autism Education Trust (AET) was founded in 2007 by Ambitious about Autism, The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) and The National Autistic Society (NAS) and has received consistent support from government since that time.

The vision of the AET is that all children and young people with autism should receive an education which enables them to engage in society as active citizens and that their families and the professionals who work with them are informed, supported and equipped to enable this to be achieved.

In order to achieve this, the AET has a mission to build capacity in the education system for children and young people with autism.
The AET achieves its mission through:
   •    the identification and promotion of high standards in autism education practice
   •    the identification and promotion of effective practitioner competency in support of those standards
   •    providing a platform for training in effective practice in support of improved competency
   •    disseminating information regarding evidence-based and good practice approaches/services to policy makers, commissioners and practitioners
   •    providing an interface between users, practitioners and policy makers in respect of service development
   •    ensuring that full and proper engagement of stakeholders informs its work and facilitating the engagement of stakeholders with government

The AET is in a unique position to carry out these activities because of:
   •    Its independence
   •    The partnership it supports between voluntary bodies and voluntary bodies and the maintained sector
   •    The active role of people with autism in the work and governance of the AET.
   •    Its national brief
   •    Its focus on practical activity in education contexts

We now wish to have our programme CPD accredited.

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Key deliverables.

There will be 4 key deliverables:
   1.    Secure good understanding of the AET programme model and content
   2.    Research available CPD accreditation channels and providers
   3.    Shortlist those deemed to be best fit with AET requirements
   4.    Provide interim (verbal) report
   5.    Provide final report to include best options, full implications and recommendations

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Key skills and capabilities.

   •    Good understanding of the CPD environment
   •    Ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders
   •    Good organisational skills
   •    Good analytical and report writing skills

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The delivery timetable is set out below:

 Activity  By when
 Provider appointed  July 2017
 Interim report
 October 2017
 Final report and proposals
 February 2018




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The maximum funding for this contract is £5,000 inclusive of any VAT.

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Further information

Organisations or individuals who are interested in competing for this work should submit the proforma available with this brief by  Friday 7th July 2017.   Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed on Tuesday 18th July 2017.

For an overview of the AET please see the AET website at
For individual queries please email our Administrator, Debbie Fraser at . We will either respond to your query by email or arrange a phone call if necessary.

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