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AET Programme Board

The remit of the Programme Board is to provide governance to the AET. This includes determination of vision, values, strategic direction and specific work streams. The Programme Board will support and hold the Director to account for the effective delivery of the strategy and specific work streams. The Programme Board will support the Director in negotiating with government and other funders. The Programme Board will ensure that its strategy and specific work streams are informed by the input of the Expert Reference Group, the Youth Council and other relevant stakeholders. Nonetheless, final decision making responsibility sits with the Programme Board.

The Programme Board members’ term of office is the two years of the DFE contract. Members will be paid an agreed day rate (if requested) and reasonable expenses for their attendance at meetings.

Representation from the people we support
Please Note: The AET is keen to have involvement and representation from the people we support and a review of how this can be done in a meaningful and effective way at Programme Board level.

Leadership of the Programme Board:
The Programme Board will appoint a Chair and from among its membership. The term of Office for the Chair is the two years of the DFE contract, after which this will be reviewed.

The role of the Programme Board is to:
• Support the development of and approve the strategic plan for the AET and monitor the performance against plan.
• Approve the AET policies and oversee their implementation.
• Approve AET budget and monitor performance against budget.
• Be directly involved in the recruitment of the Director of the AET and input into their annual appraisal.
• Support the Director in the recruitment of other AET staff.
• Be involved in commissioning of contracts, as required.
• Act as Ambassadors for the AET.
• Support the Director in reporting to and negotiating with the Department of Education and other key funders and stakeholders.
• Appoint the Expert Reference Group.

Timescale and frequency of meetings:
Meetings of the Programme Board will take place every two months with additional meetings if necessary.