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The AET Youth Council

The AET Youth Council was set up to capture and share the views of young people on the autism spectrum and their siblings. They inform the work of the AET.

There are 12 members on the council. We lent some of them cameras to record their experiences at school.

We have produced this film to meet the needs of people on the autism spectrum who may find television overwhelming.

For groups of people without these issues, please feel free to watch The Youth Council Film - Standard Version.

- Effective films for people not on the autism spectrum may have:
- Music to add emotion and drive the progression of the film.
- Visual effects (zooming in / out and transitions) to hold attention.
- Abbreviated subtitles.
- The option to stop, rewind and replay at will (when on a website).
- Content and format that changes frequently.
- Text without accompanying voice over.

We have intentionally avoided all these techniques in the production of this film.
Watch Helen's film - one of our Youth Council members.