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The AET Autism Stars Awards

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Do you know someone who does an outstanding job in supporting a child or young person with autism?

The Autism Education Trust would like to recognize them with a Silver Star Award.

  • Are you a line manager, headteacher, employer, autism outreach worker,educational psychologist, a parent or carer of a child or young person with autism?
  • Can you tell us about your nominated person ? How are they making a difference to the education of a child or young person with autism?
  • We would love to hear your story – and learn more about the people making a difference to lives everyday.
  • Just complete the AET Autism Silver Stars recommendation form, saying how you feel the person has positively supported you / your child or other young person and provide details of what they have done / are doing.

The AET silver and gold Certificates are national awards and recognise and celebrate the contribution an individual makes in creating an autism friendly culture.  There are two categories, one for individuals working with children and young adults with autism in an educational setting and the other for those working in the community.

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The Process of gaining the AET Certificates


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Silver Certificate
To gain the AET Silver certificate the person is nominated by someone who has identified the contribution the individual has made to support a child or young person with autism. The nomination form is completed either on line or sent by post and a silver certificate is awarded describing how the person has supported a child or young person with autism. They are then sent information about how to gain a gold certificate and invited to apply.

Gold Autism Stars Awards

Gold Certificate
To gain a gold certificate the applicant completes a self assessment form identifying supporting evidence.  The applicant asks someone who knows about their work to be their local verifier and confirm that the evidence presented is in place. The application is then submitted to the AET.  An external verifier appointed by the AET will consider the evidence presented in the application form and decide whether it supports the criteria.  To ensure consistency the application is also considered by a moderator appointed by the AET.  A recommendation is made either to issue the gold certificate or written feedback is given offering suggestions on how to fulfil the criteria.

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Frequently asked questions.

Autism Stars Honour Roll.