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Autism Stars Awards FAQ

What’s in it for me?      
The certificates give you recognition for your contribution in supporting a child or young person with autism. They support continual professional development.

What are the benefits for employers?
The certificates highlight an employee’s good practice in supporting a child or young person with autism. Recognition increases staff morale. Working towards the gold certificate supports continual professional development.

How much does it cost?  
There is no cost involved, but you will need to complete and submit the forms.

How long does the process take?
There is no time limit for individuals working towards the gold certificate.  Following the application being submitted to the AET the process takes approximately 6 weeks.

Who is eligible to be a local verifier? 
The local verifier is someone who knows about the applicant’s work and can verify that the evidence described is correct. This person could be the applicant’s line manager, Head teacher, employer, autism outreach worker, educational psychologist, a parent or carer of a child or young person with autism.

What does the verifier need to do?
The local verifier will look at the information provided by the person applying for the award and will confirm that it exists as it has been described.  They should be willing to be contacted by the AET for a short confirmation if necessary.  They do not need to ‘mark’ or make a judgement on what has been included.  Those judgements will be made by the AET’s independent verifier.

How do I nominate someone?
Complete the AET Autism Stars silver recommendation form, saying why you feel the person has been good with you / your child or young person and what they did. Let the person you are nominating know that you think they did a great job! Then e-mail or post the form to the AET.

What is the AET looking for in the Gold Award? 
We are looking for evidence to show that you have looked to develop:

  • Your knowledge and understanding of autism
  • How you involve children and young people with autism in what you do
  • What you would like to do to develop your expertise further.

How do I apply? 
First, find someone that you know would be happy to nominate you for the AET Autism Stars Silver Award.  When you receive your Silver certificate, you will also be sent details of how to apply for the Gold Award.