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Education workforce and other professionals

Information for people working with children on the autism spectrum within or without schools or early years settings. Including head teachers, teachers, learning support assistants, nursery teachers, lunch time supervisors, school governors, extended school providers, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, educationalpsychologists, health visitors, GPs, nurses and other healthprofessionals and voluntary sector service providers.

Local authorities

Information for people working within local authorities and social services. Including local education authorities, special needs teams, outreach groups and case workers.


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Children and young people

Information for children and young people with autism and their brothers, sisters and friends.


Parents and carers

Information for parents and people with day to day residential responsibility for a child on the autism spectrum. Including parents, foster parents, carers and residential home staff.



Please be aware that this section contains information prepared in 2009 and may now be out of date. Some links may no longer work. We are reviewing this section.