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Healthtalkonline is an award winning website that allows people to share in more than 2000 personal accounts of health and illness.  The information on the website is based on qualitative research, led by a team of Senior Researchers based at the University of Oxford.  Over 50 conditions have been covered so far, including mental health, heart diseases, cancers, pregnancy, chronic health, motor neurone disease and bereavement by suicide.

In 2007 two sections, funded by the Wellcome Trust, were launched. One focused on the experiences of parents of children/adults with autism. The second focused on the experiences of people with autism.  These two sections included over 500 video, audio and text extracts from interviews with nearly 70 people.  Summaries of the key themes emerging from the research cover areas such as education, early intervention programmes, sensory issues, relationships, getting a diagnosis and everyday life.

As part of the government’s recent ‘Strategy for Adults with Autism in England’, the Department of Health have funded an extension to these two projects which will enable us to reconfigure the existing two sites to produce a larger, more comprehensive resource on autism. This new resource, which will include more interviews with people with autism as well as interviews with grandparents and siblings, will be placed on the home page of the Healthtalkonline website, thereby giving it more prominence.

Please look at the five examples of the filmed interviews below.