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Kids Zone Films

Find out more about the films shown in the Kids zone and follow the links to view more films. 

Jason McEwain's wikipedia page

Read the wikipedia page to find out more about Jason McEwain's amazing basketball game

Evy - Youtube Films

Follow the link to view more films of Evy.

Autism teaching tools

Watch more films created by Evy's mum Juliet on their youtube channel or visit the Autism teaching tools website for more information.

George and the killer hoover

Watch more of Brandon's exciting George and the killer hoover films on his youtube channel.

Kylie Dancing

Watch more films of Kylie and her autistic twin brother Thomas on their youtube channel. 


Watch more films about Paul at his parent's youtube channel.


Watch more films about Rebecca at her youtube channel. 

Rory Hoy

Rory is a film maker and music producer. Watch more on his Youtube channel.