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james' diary

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My name is James. I'm 17, live in the North-West region of England and I have been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. I was made aware of this by my parents at 12 years old when I started questioning why I had teaching assistants in class at school. My parents had known since I was a year old.

Currently I attend a sixth form college and study Geography, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics. When I finish sixth form I'm aiming to go to a University and be on a mathematics based course. Outside of college, I attend Air Cadets twice a week, practice with my band, get drum tuition and I am part of a media group where I write and voice content for an Internet radio show.

My interests include playing the drum kit especially playing with my band, watching television and browsing the Internet, mostly for fan-based content on shows I like to watch.

Watch an introduction film from me here.

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