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james' diary

Diary entry - 15th February 2013

A large part of being a student at the media academy I go to is keeping on top of current affairs, being in the know, listening to the news, reading newspapers and whatnot. Watching news bulletins whilst eating breakfast is usually enough for me, however the radio show I co-produce is involving a lot more talking about what’s going on the world, which means I need to completely surround myself with news now. I wonder how many people my age understand UK politics, because I sure don’t, it’ll be a while before I do. It makes me rather anxious that there are so many things I don’t know about, though I suppose this mentality is better than thinking you know it all at the age of 18.

James exposure test image

Another thing that I’m learning about in the academy is how to use a camera properly, understanding that how many megapixels a camera has isn’t the be all and end all of cameras. I volunteered a few times to be a model for a few camera effects that were possible, although I used the term “model” lightly.