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james' diary

Diary entry - 16th April 2013

Easter break has just finished for me so I am back to a routine of going in to Sixth Form doing work. These next few weeks are the final push towards my A level exams, 6 weeks later will be my last days in Sixth Form (except for exams).

The holiday for me went quite well. I passed my practical driving test, which is great except the insurance on the car I learned to drive in now costs over £3000. My sister and parents were all insured on our RAV4 for £450, but for me it’s over £3000… yay. Family members have sent me cards to congratulate me on passing, I didn’t even know companies made cards for this occasion. 

It was my first attempt at the test and I made 3 minor errors. The first was for not being close enough to the kerb when parallel parking; I had had a practice test with my instructor an hour before the real test and parked too close to the kerb which might have thrown me off. The second was for not turning in to a T-junction on the first opportunity; there was a bicyclist coming across the junction and I wanted to give way to him first before I turned in. The third was driving too fast in a roundabout. Overall I’m quite pleased with myself. 

james passing driving test card image

Other things in the holiday included getting addicted to free mobile games like Jetpack Joyride, Lazors and Zombie Dash. I was considering writing short reviews for mobile games for work experience but then I got unhooked from mobile gaming… only to get hooked on to watching Japanese anime and trying to understand what is being said, I am steadily picking out a few words. Then I found out one of my future roommates at university is from Denmark so I considered learning Danish, but was disheartened when I tried learning some vocabulary. I’m pretty sure my interests work out to be picking up one thing, loving it, getting bored, dropping it and finding something else then coming full circle, it’s amazing how quick I’ll change my attitude on my interests, perhaps the age of technology immersion is shortening my attention span.