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Diary entry - 18th July 2012

Talking to people is a heck of a lot easier than talking to a camera, and I find talking to people near impossible. My last few entry attempts have been video entries and from watching back I think it's painfully obvious that I was having difficulty. These written entries have been easier on the mind because there's a lot fewer things I have to worry about i.e. speaking clearly, looking and sounding interesting, eye contact, spontaneity and looking presentable. Video diaries are a lot more personal, I believe, however I find it awkward and difficult to articulate to a camera. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, maybe not. I'm lacking feedback from viewers so it's hard to tell.

Whilst talking to a non-sentient object is proving a challenge for me, I do feel this is a challenge worth doing. To me, video diaries are like regular conversation on hard mode. You have the same aspects of speaking clearly and maintaining eye contact to think about, but you also have to hold a completely one sided conversation. Instead of sharing half the work with a conversational partner, a video diary requires you to talk all by yourself. Once someone can handle that, then talking to real people should be effortless. That's just my theory, though. Has anybody else got their own personal techniques for developing conversational skills?

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In other news, year 12 for me has finished and I am free for the Summer holidays. Though the word 'Summer' is debatable what with the record rainfall in England recently. The word 'holidays' can also be called in to question due to the activities I have arranged over the next few weeks. So far the schedule is as follows. Go on practice gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Write up a few log pages about the expedition. Go on the pilgrimage to Lourdes. Write up the evidence for the pilgrimage for Duke of Edinburgh records. Practice excessively with my band. Play at the gig (which we happen to be headlining, I'm mega-hyped about that). Go on qualifying gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Finish off log pages of expedition. Carry out research for my Extended Project Qualification. Visit University open days. Write my first draft of my personal statement to be sent to Universities.

That's enough from me, I must go pack my rucksack for the expedition.


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