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james' diary

Diary entry - 18th March 2013

Currently I am 1 of 2 writers for a new radio soap that is being created at the media academy I go to. It’s quite fun being creative, coming up with your own stories and characters interacting with each other, I imagine this is the adult equivalent to pretend play as a child with dollies or action figures or the people who play The Sims without giving their Sims free will, playing God in other words.

At the last meeting with the cast and crew of the soap the directors left me in charge of explaining the characters to their respective voice actors and bouncing plotlines off people, getting ideas. I’ve never been in charge of a group like that before. There have been times where I’ve had to speak to groups or present in high school or air cadets, but I’ve never had to interact with the audience. I remember a Flight Lieutenant at air cadets saying if you have to convey information to a group of people “tell them, tell them and then tell them again”. This sticks something in to someone’s head quite well, however in my attempt at the media academy it lead to me repeating myself a lot, at least I can say I made my points clear.

When I was leaving at the end of the meeting one of the directors caught up with me and complimented me on how well I did getting everyone up to speed with what’s happening with the soap. Awkward James who is bad at accepting compliments kicked in and said “Oh… that’s okay”. Well done me, you’re getting there. In a nutshell I think the only thing I should worry about is worrying, because you can trouble your mind with a lot of things but you have to realise that it’s pointless. If you can fix it, you’ll get to it. If you can’t fix it, what’s worrying going to do?

I was runner up in a recent weather themed photo competition at the media academy with a photo taken at night when snow was falling.

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