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james' diary

Diary entry - 18th November 2012

Last Saturday was the regional tournament in the Bar Mock Trial competition at Queen Elizabeth II Crown Courts in Liverpool. Schools across the country are given statements and indictments from fictional cases and teachers give students parts to play in the case. This can be a witness or barrister for the prosecution or defence of a case, a court clerk or an usher. The purpose of this competition, I think, is to get young people interested in a career in law. I was chosen to play the part of a witness in one case and the court clerk in another. After many lunchtime and afterschool practices it had all come down to Saturday. Good news is that we won the tournament! Bad news is that we’ll be in the national finals at the Old Bailey in London next March; up against the best students this country can offer… yay.

I did quite well as a court clerk. The role requires you to simply be a good reader, unlike the witnesses and barristers who need to be quick witted and extremely confident. Not to say I’m completely unconfident but the role of a barrister was best left to those who don’t have to resort to ‘planned’ spontaneity. I work very well when I know exactly what I have to do.

There’s a similar situation that’s started recently at my work experience. Every Wednesday I have work experience at Cheshire Media Academy. One of the other students (Adam) and I make a radio-style podcast, which is to prepare us for when the academy gets Internet radio and Adam and I can broadcasts shows live on our own show. There is a barrier however in the fact that Adam is very talkative and conversational whereas I am not of those things. I’ll get better over time, but for now, scripting spontaneity is what gets me by.