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james' diary

Diary entry - 1st July 2013

Today started at 4am. My parents had a holiday booked for this week and their flight to Madeira was today. To avoid leaving a car at the mercy of airport parking charges they asked me to drive them to the terminal. This involved driving on a motorway. It’s been about 3 months since I passed my driving test and this was the first time I had ever driven on a motorway. In the miles leading up to the junction I was very nervous, my palms were sweaty, my knees were weak and my arms were heavy. Then I got there and quickly found out that motorways are boring. Like dual carriageways but with an extra lane. I asked myself “why are you getting so worked up over a dual carriageway with an extra lane in it?” I didn’t know.

So I dropped my parents off at the terminal, drove back home, worried about how I was going to survive without my parents for a week, and then went to my teaching placement at my media academy. Year 10 students have work experience at this time of year and some had applied to work at the academy that I am a student at. I had an opportunity to help mentor these guys, which I took. Today being the first day of the placement I think it went alright. I helped the new guys learn how to use a camera and write in a style that’s appropriate for a newsreader in radio, which will help in the harder tasks the staff are going to set later in the week.