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james' diary

Diary entry - 21st January 2013

For students they undergo a great change after the start of a new year. The 2 weeks at the end of the previous year have been spent relaxing, taking it easy and perhaps hanging out with family members they don’t see very often. But that quickly changes when they’re thrust back in to education and have maybe less than a week to be ready for January exams. I am one of those students and I haven’t adjusted well to this change. I’m appreciative that these exams lighten the load of exams later in the year, but I don’t like the fact that it happens right after a 2 week holiday. For me it seems like being jerked out of bed in the morning and having calculus shoved under your nose without the chance to get your bearings.

I turned 18 earlier this month. Many people would consider binge drinking or hosting a wild party simply because they can and this option was one my sister insisted I choose. However, against much resistance from my mother and sister, I chose to have a quiet night in, having pizza and watching Stargazing Live. Birthdays are another social paradigm I don’t quite understand, many people feel entitled to celebrate and receive presents simply because, exactly however so many years ago, they were born on this day, but I fail to see what warrants this. As far as I was concerned, I was just another day older than I was the previous day. I’d understand if it was someone’s 100th birthday, because it seems this person has taken good care of themselves, which is quite impressive in my eyes.


James Band Photoshoot

Becoming an adult and doing important exams has induced thoughts of what I plan to do in the future. Like most students at 18, I’m going to university soon to do a course in a field I would like a career in, that’s the plan anyway; however since when did life plans turn out exactly how you want them to? Sometime you’re thrown a curveball and you just have to deal with it, this thought scares me a little.