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james' diary

Diary entry - 25th January 2013

At home I prefer to wind down and relax after a day at sixth form; however there’s always the demand for homework. Normally people would do the homework at home as the name suggests, however I’m so used to doing what I want to do at home that I prefer to do it at sixth form during study periods or form time. This doesn’t usually cause problems, except since my January exams are over there are now new topics to learn that require more time outside of lessons revising notes, which means I spend less time socialising. I don’t want to cut off friends or anything similarly dramatic, but I do need get a better balance between my studies and my social life.

James Band shot 1 

One of the universities I applied to for this year has sent me an email regarding student support in relation to my Asperger’s, which had me thinking “What kind of support would I need?” My initial idea is to request a mentor to check up on me regularly to make sure I’m making good progress in my studies, though I aim to get recommendations from my parents and teaching assistants at sixth form.