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james' diary

Diary entry - 4th May 2013

I’ve started driving myself places. This includes going there and back by myself to the media academy, drum tuition, band practise and school. I don’t like it. For years I was chauffeured around town by my parents and didn’t have to worry about other road users, traffic lights, gear changing or checking mirrors. Now I have to worry about everything, me and worrying don’t go together very well.

The media academy I go to for work experience in the media industry has appointed me the role of chairman during the meetings on Wednesday nights between the director and the students. Essentially I just tell the director to get back on topic when he digresses in to something about his dog or his car, he’s really easily distracted. I’ve steered conversation before during these meetings but have always felt it was rude, now it’s my job so I think nothing of it. I was asked by the director to teach during the 2 week work experience slot in June with year 10s. Teaching has never been a career I have fancied. How teachers manage to put up with unruly students and have the will to impart wisdom to uninterested ears for 5 days a week is far beyond me. It’s only 2 weeks, I know, but I don’t think I’ll last 10 minutes.

Last Tuesday I dropped off all of my Air Cadet equipment and uniform at the local squadron. The Air Training Core was part of my life for about 3 years; however issues concerning how much I was really enjoying this kept nagging me recently. There were many cool activities to get involved in and playing drums in the marching band was great, however I never gelled with any other cadets or made a friend there. This led to feelings of loathing whenever I had to put on the uniform and go down to squadron as there was no-one there to enjoy myself with.

Only 3 weeks remain before it is time to sit my first A-level exam, Differential Equations.