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james' diary

Diary entry - 8th February 2013

My university interview took place yesterday and I was a bag of nerves for hours beforehand. It’s not realistically possible to prepare for any curveballs/probing questions the interviewer decides to test you with, which is what worried me the most, the only comforting thought I had was that I would try my best whenever it happens.

The phrase “Fake it till you make it” was something I repeated myself a lot that day. My Dad had dropped me off outside the university reception and said he was going to leave me to do this on my own, (not that I wanted him in the interview with me but it would’ve been nice if he accompanied me on the university tour). Normally this kind of situation where I have to meet and greet and impress people I have never seen before is something I avoid at all costs, however today I had to grit my teeth and bear it. Rather than freak out or secrete gallons of sweat in anxiety I decided to act confident; and it worked tremendously well. After a little research it turns out that Aristotle had a similar thought that acting virtuous will make one virtuous.

I was asking the tour guide/interviewer lots of questions about the university, striking up conversation with the other university applicants, talking to students about what work they were doing. This wasn’t my regular self. The great news is that I got a conditional offer from the university today! Now I just have to focus on getting good grades at my A-Levels in the summer.