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The expert panel


Christine is a teacher at a mainstream school in London, where she is Head of the Autism Resourced Provision. She has been teaching for longer than she would like to admit and is one of our experts as she has worked with children with Autism across all age groups including Nursery, Primary and Secondary school and in mainstream and special schools. Her students say she is “strict but can also be funny and make lots of jokes and fun lessons like when she took us ice skating and broke her arm. She helps us laugh and learn. Her best joke is teaching children to use their magic finger to write on the whiteboard.”



"I have worked for the National Autistic Society as an Employment Consultant for over 4 years, working with Individuals on the Autistic spectrum providing pre employment training workshops and 1:1 job coaching sessions. I also provide Autism Awareness support and Disability Discrimination Act advice to companies wanting to employ individuals with Autism.  Prior to that I trained and worked as a teacher for 3 years in a school for children with Autism in North London, where we taught using ABA, TEACH, Makaton and PECS. I have a Learning Disability Nursing Diploma and worked in several residential units and hospitals providing care to adults with a variety of Disabilities including Autism"



'Hi I'm Helen and I'm autistic and wonderful. I am always ready to help autistic people so we can have a better and fulfilled life. We all need to help each other.'
   All the best,



Jo Brooks is a consultant paediatrician and has worked with children and young people with autism spectrum disorders for the past 15 years. She is a member of the Autism Education Trust and chair of the South Gloucestershire local Autism co-coordinating group. She enjoys running and eating (not at the same time!)



I'm 32 and I live in Manchester. I work in Stockport for BT. My job is in Specialist Support for Global Services Billing. My brother Robbie is 16, he has Asperger syndrome. He lives in North Yorkshire, and we keep in touch via phone and internet. We get on well and I try to help him out with advice, especially when it comes to dealing with family. We have a good relationship most of the time but do annoy each other sometimes! I'm married with no kids but lots of tropical fish!

Regards, Laura

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Mike Connolly is a qualified social worker who has worked as a social worker, a team manager and a service manager in children and young people’s services. Currently he is head of specialist services for a local authority in the west of England with responsibilities for services for disabled children and young people, special educational needs services and, with health partners, child and adolescent mental health services. Enjoys music, movies, swimming and reading magazines.

Paul & Elizabeth

Elizabeth was born in South Buckinghamshire and she has had jobs and been to university in many places around the UK.  Previously she has worked as a nurse, civil servant, teacher and a few other things as well.  Currently she is studying for a PhD in science education in London where she met me, her husband at a social group for autistic people.
Paul was  Born in Liverpool and moved to London.  He has attended a drama school, graduated in Philosophy and has worked in numerous jobs such as street fundraiser, office and civil service, door to door for Amnesty International and now for the National Autistic Society.  He was diagnosed at the age of 41 and is writing his first book about life on the spectrum.
Thanks, Paul and Elizabeth.

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Robyn Steward is 26 and has Asperger's, she had a bad time at school but enjoyed college went to uni for a year and then went on to become a national trainer and International speaker, as well as mentoring young people , she likes music and painting.

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I am 32 years old, am married to Chris and live in Oxfordshire with our 2 cats Lily and Grissom (yes, named after the CSI character).  I work for BT Business as a senior technical consultant and was diagnosed with AS and ADHD when I was 26.  I like spending time with my family, watching the progress of my vegetable garden and messing about on the PC.