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How can I prioritise what I need to do?

When you’ve got lots of things to do, it’s important that you prioritise them.

  • Think about the things you need or want to do and put them in order of importance.
  • Then think about what will happen if you do not do each of them, this will help you to decide what your priorities should be. You may want to spend time watching a favourite TV show but there may be other, more important tasks that must be done or there will be consequences... like homework!
  • Use a calendar, planner or diary so you can see when important events like exams or coursework deadlines are coming up. Get into the habit of checking what is coming up in the next weeks and months and planning how you can tackle them. There is nothing worse than realising at the last moment you have an important deadline, this will make you panic and possibly do badly as a result.
  • Ask for help if you are having trouble prioritising tasks. Other people may be able to suggest ways to help you.
  • Make a timetable for your studies and stick to it, plan breaks at least every hour and don’t forget to include some time for you to follow your own interests and do things you want to do.
  • It’s important that you plan time to spend with family and friends and to have fun.
  • Include enough time for sleep and also some time for exercise, both of which will help you to stay fit and healthy.